Monday, October 10, 2011

Let's Roll, Kato

A remake of the Green Hornet was released earlier this year, starring and written by everybody's favorite buffoon, Seth Rogen. With nothing else to do, I finally watched it recently.

The remake served up more than satisfying parts of the Kato character (I barely missed Bruce Lee) and the Black Beauty. In fact, the film (like the original TV show) is unapologetic about its fetishistic preoccupation with what was coolest about the story: the Green Hornet's martial artist manservant and his high tech arsenal on wheels. The wealthy bachelor existence was there, too, as was the absent father routine so omnipresent in superhero yarns. Rogen's script was doltish and aimless, yet I enjoyed it and will probably return to it when my tastes invariably run to the escapist and unchallenging.

I think it's already a matter of record that this OnceABachelor is himself somewhat preoccupied with a search for the times in our lives that are fun, sleek, exciting, cool, dangerous and dark, sexy, unaffected, world-wise, and preposterous, so that we can more easily bear the times when our lives are not.


M.Lane said...

Loved this post! It may be the best short movie review I have ever read!


Ben said...

Thanks! It really is a stupid, stupid movie. But I found that, before I was to return the DVD, I had to pop it in and watch the fun parts again.

tintin said...

A good friend was hired to write the Green Hornet some time (7-8 yrs?) ago. He did a couple drafts, got paid and moved on. A shame really. I loved this show as a kid and went ape shit over Lee. Read Tao of JKD, watched Enter the Dragon at least 40 times and once, while practicing with nunchucks, hauled off and hit a palm tree. The chuck flew back and hit in me in the forehead. My sister witnessed it and still talks about it.