Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hip Scenes From the Summer

We're well into our version of Fall in Honolulu. The leaves are turning, it's getting nippier, and the chimneys are starting to ... oh, who am I kidding. Climatologically speaking, nothing changes here in the tropics. But you no longer have as much free, purposeless time in the Fall. Your sense of adventure drops by a measure. The grim task of heading into the holidays seems to be thrust upon us earlier and is taken up with less gusto each year.

Sooner than one expects, one becomes nostalgic for the days of summer. Here are some of my favorite memories from 2011:

We spent a lot of time camping in tents.

Luckily, not all of them were too far into the wilderness.

I managed to photograph many great cars. Some were at local rallies:

Others I found parked:

And many I snapped on the fly in traffic:

I returned to a fantastic destination for new memories. I hope they last:

I finally got the Mid-Life Crisis safety checked and back on the road:

Saw some great scenes with my son:

In fact, I spent a lot of time watching him grow up, which, like autumn, is thrust upon me way too quickly.


M.Lane said...

A really nice post. I am glad that you had what looks like a very great summer and reclaimed some balance.

I was starting to feel about the holidays the way you do but I had to issue a manifesto and get our house back on track. I dont do that often so it actually was read. Nailing it on the front door a'la Luther didn't hurt.



tintin said...

I loved camping out in the back yard with a bag of pilot biscuits and the smell of tent canvas. Dad's canteen and poncho liner from Vietnam. Going in the house at eleven when the mosquitoes got too bad.