Sunday, February 28, 2010

Yeah. I wish. The Playboy Townhouse.

I've been looking at alternatives to the suburban home of late. I wonder if I could swing something like this on a lawyer's booty. Some of us perhaps, but not me. I'm neither dishonest nor excessively lucky. Just a regular, skilled combatant.

Anyway, I know I've posted a bit about this before, but I just realized I had the whole article from Playboy's stylish (i.e. non-gold chain, exposed hairy chest) era. And it bears sharing in full. If I look closely I see my favorite Eames chair, some tulips and Saarinens (a paltry $165), and all the right proportions. Of course , as the author says, a "high-performance gran turismo" in the garage. I've googled "Playboy's Penthouse" (an article from the aforementioned non-tacky era, not a crossover with the magazine's skeevier competitor), "The Playboy Bed" (a sidebar about Hef's rotating bed with built in bar), and other similar artifacts. The Playboy Townhouse was the only one I could find in full, and, luckily for us, it is the best.

Anyway, enjoy.


M.Lane said...

This was some superb magazine feature. I remember looking at this when I bought the issue off ebay a couple of years ago and just swooning. And I don't swoon often. Especially for architecture. Somebody lived in a place like this because after they saw the article they went to some architecht and said "build it". Lucky bastard.

Have you seen the other Playboy feature that was the design for a weekend getaway "cabin"?


Ben said...

I think I found that one. A beach house I think. Why this subject matter hasn't won its own stand alone coffee table book I'll never know. There should be enough material.