Saturday, February 20, 2010

MacGarrett Redux

Word on the Street (Ke'eaumoku Street, that is), is that they're going to reboot this.

Good luck. The original ran for a then record 12 seasons and delivered a rum punch of crime, international intrigue, New Frontier-style sex, and Martin Denny exotica. It accurately portrayed the multi-racial world that made Honolulu so ahead of its time in the mid-century. It frankly presented new levels of screen violence hitherto unseen. The phrase "book'em Dan-O" has got to be a top 20 pop-culture catch phrase. You can't often capture lightning in a bottle twice and as far as I'm concerned, Honolulu's already got Jack Lord's Five-O and Magnum PI.

There can't be much more Good Sh*t From Hawaii on the tube, but here's hoping.

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M.Lane said...

Jack Lord's McGarrett is iconic. There is very little better than vintage H5O. I am very intrigued about who will be cast in the lead role though!