Friday, August 15, 2008

Vintage Seiko Bullhead Chronograph

I like watches. I currently have about a dozen of them. One of my favorites is my brown Seiko 6138-0040 automatic chronograph. As you can see, its winding crown is at the 12 o'clock position, with the stopwatch pushers on either side, reminding one of a bull's horns. It is also asymmetrical, with it's case tapering in thickness from top to bottom. It is meant to be a driving watch, and this taper allows for easier viewing of the dial while your hands are on a steering wheel or shifter. At the time of its release, its chronograph movement, which was developed in house by Seiko, was state of the art. Today it still holds up extraordinarily well. I'm not certain but I believe this model, and its black-dialed sister, were available between the late sixties and mid seventies. It definitely has a vintage vibe, and I love wearing it, of course when I drive the Mid-Life Crisis.

I'm not particularly proud of my fascination with watches. It is quite frivolous, and despite my rationalizations that these automatic, self-winding timepieces are little works of engineering art on my wrist, I realize they're just jewelry. I have a box of jewelry.

Let me repeat for purposes of self-awareness: "I have a box of jewelry".

Hmm, that's not so easy to admit out loud.

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Kevin Haugh said...

Love the Bullhead. . . I've got a old Seiko 6139 in pristine condition (same movement). I just love that old watch. I've got a couple, uh, 'jewelry boxes'. Owning a jewelry box is easier to admit than the fact that I know that Sam Jones wore my Seiko model in the old Flash Gordon movie!

Love the blog so far!


M.Lane said...

The blog is great! I have several vintage watches also but my favorite is a 1960 era Rolex with a gold and champagne two tone dial and a gold case and an alligator strap. It has a small case like a bubbleback without the bubble. Looks like Dean Martin owned it. My wife the Irish Redhead gave it to me for our 10th anniversary. One of the perks of not being bachelors I guess....

Espeya said...

I have this exact watch, and im wondering what the value on it, so I can insure it.

Can you help?

I'm a watch collector myself, i have all kinds. But i like this wrist watch in particular.