Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down

OK, so as any OnceWereBachelor knows, Marriage and Fatherhood, take its toll. You get old and you get busy. You can't log hours in the gym, on the road, or (in my case) in the outrigger canoe quite like you did in your twenties, without hurting yourself both mind and body. One must exercise efficiently. I've turned to two things. The first is Bikram's yoga (the hot room yoga) which is a hell I'll save for another post (it's enough for you to know at this point that it is hell).

The second is stand-up paddle surfing, which can be heaven, once you get the hang of it. Here's some guys who have.

And then there's me. I just bought a board last week (a hard to get Blane Chambers 10'3"), and although I've logged many hours surfing and even more paddling. Neither completely prepares you for stand-up, which is touted as an excellent core and conditioning workout. I'm supposed to experience weight loss and the rock hard abs I never had when I was young enough to both paddle and drink competitively. Right now, though, all I do is float around and fall down.

Which brings me to this great Elvis Costello cover of the old Stax single I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down.

The upshot of all of this, I guess, is care for yourself so that you can have the longevity to see yourself get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, even after coming into the game as a stone outcast.


Kevin Haugh said...

During my swim around Alcatraz last year I had paddle board experience. . . I'd been swimming for over an hour in 50 degree water. The fog broke for a moment and a ray of sun outlined a figure of a man WALKING ON THE SURFACE OF THE WATER! I thought I was haullicating, so I never mentioned it to anyone. Later, I saw photos of the swim and realized it was a paddle boarder!

Dave said...

Damn the attractions were a skinny lot