Tuesday, October 27, 2015

An American Look Back

She & Him is the pop music duo of Zoey Deschanel (the uncertain rebel hippie of Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous) and guitarist/producer M. Ward (sorry, I got nothing on this guy; the world is full of unsung guitar talent).  Their aesthetic is decidedly retro-lux, and their presentation is reminiscent of my favourites the Style Council.  I discovered this video one night while obsessively searching for vintage stereophonic console cabinets.

I was instantly captivated and charmed.  I had to know more.  I had to hear more.  Thanks to the aforementioned obsessiveness, I quickly pieced together that their video was almost a direct cribbing of a Chevrolet film short from 1958 celebrating American Design.  Wow.


M.Lane said...

How on EARTH did you find either of these? A very interesting piece......it made me a bit sad to hear the vintage commentator say "and increasing American good taste". Where did THAT go?

Also, can't beat a blue eyed brunette.


Ben said...

I hate poor attribution, and yet am guilty of it. I found it all here: http://midcenturymodernist.com/2011/culture/film-tv/dont-look-back/

And you're right, where DID the good taste go?