Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random Scenes from 2013

Spent New Year's Eve with friends.  Suspended a disco ball from a palm tree and danced 2012 away on their deck.  

Found a beat up Eames chair replica on Craigslist for such little money I'm not embarrassed to have it. Consider it a place holder until I accumulate the disposable income necessary to obtain the genuine article.

Went downtown for cocktails one night to discover the Club Hubba Hubba strip bar sign from the 60s/70s/80s re-hung and re-lit.  Thankfully, it's just a remnant, with no such establishment in operation.  Nothing wrong with strip bars, but that one was skeevy.

Discovered my new favorite place.  Fancy cocktails and fancier ramen.  Lots of pretty, intelligent women on a saturday night.

Enjoyed the sunset view from the bar at the Elks with my son and his cousins.

Napped with son in my living room.

Backyard camping with the best of friends, part I.

Backyard camping with the best of friends, part II.

Backyard camping with the best of friends, part III.

Son's room.

Resolving issues with the Mid-Life Crisis.

Trusted someone enough to let her borrow one of my surfboards.

Still on the Style Council kick.

Too many watches.


M.Lane said...

Looks like a strong year to me. Nothing better than a son dad nap photo!!


Ben said...

"Strong year" is a good way to describe it! It's a good goal, too for the 2nd half.