Sunday, April 1, 2012

You Only Live Twice

Took my son to a car show today, and was thrilled to see a pristine 1967 Toyota 2000GT in red. It was on display as a "halo" car for the manufacturer, which was drumming up excitement for some upcoming sports cars. None of those cars can hold a candle to the GT, which was made in hen's teeth numbers (350) and was, for its time and country of origin, incredibly advanced. Double overhead cam, Lotus-designed double wishbone suspension, limited slip differential, all at a time when the Beatles were still recording the White Album! Here it is, in white, lovingly filmed by modern day Japanese car porn purveyors.

It was so advanced in fact, that it was given an unforgettable cameo appearance in the James Bond film of its debut year, You Only Live Twice.

OK, maybe it's more forgettable than the big flying magnet, but I wanted to talk about cars.

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M.Lane said...

What a cool XKE cousin! I knew nothing about it and assumed that the car in YOLT was a Jag.

Great excursion with your son too!

You know what the song life for yourself and one for your dreams...