Monday, November 28, 2011

Chevrolet: "My Dad's Car"

Lately, I've been seeing the shorter version of this video aired as a Chevy commercial, especially during this season's NCAA and NFL football broadcasts. I found it compelling but assumed it was a typical dramatization. Perhaps even entirely fictional.

Today, I stumbled on the long version, and was quickly disabused of the idea that these were actors fawning over a Chevy Impala rented from a Hollywood rolling stock lot. In a variety of ways, it reminds me that I shouldn't be so cynical.

Evidently, the footage we are treated to is the actual reunification of owner and car. The owner's family knew what was going on but he was told they were doing a piece on multi-generational families. Thoughts about how Chevy was brought in for such a photo-op and how they had the good fortune to have such an eloquent extemporaneous narrator leave my mind as I wonder what I would do for the ones I love.

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