Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer 2010 Mixtape

Let's find some great tunes to play outdoors, from a ghetto blaster, with friends milling about a bucket of cold ones. There will be just a slight hint of them bouncing about to the beat, some movement in the hips and shoulders, as they are absent-mindedly transported to other summers before this one.

Here's the Style Council, doing Walls Come Tumbling Down.

What's great about the mixtape, to me, is the juxtaposition of songs. Preferably, place two songs that have never been adjacent each other, before. Too "on the nose" a pairing, and you're predictable. Of course, too different (say Kurt Cobain and Tony Bennett), and they ... well ... they clash. I'm going to try this one, Rock the Casbah.

That's part of my recipe for a great Summer Mixtape. Tune in again for more.


M.Lane said...

Great idea...I can't wait for further installments.


怡迪怡迪 said...
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