Thursday, October 22, 2009

Porsche Geek Heaven

The title says it all, so here it is, the advert for the latest from Porsche:

... and here are the behind the scenes vids (special features for a commercial?), just to show that the cars were all there together in one hot, sunny place. I'm no expert but here's what I saw: a host of 356s in Pre-A, B C, and Carrera form, a Speedster, a 901, a red 959, a 917 short-tail in Gulf livery, both a vintage Spyder as well as the modern RS Spyder racer, a Martini Racing 930, a 962, a 917 Can-Am, a red 944 or 924, a 928 GT, a 997 GT3 RS in orange, a Carrera GT, Jerry Seinfeld's blue 993 turbo (the last of its type to roll off the line, the end of a generation), and all manner of 911s in coupe, convertible, and targa styles. The implication is quite clear: "You bet your sweet ass it's a Porsche", as if in anticipation of controversy.

The controversy, of course, is the front-engined, water-cooled sedan laden with every luxury this side of bucket seats front and rear, designed and built by the marque in question. Controversial because it is so far from the roots and intent of the first car that appears in the ad that the Porsche Purist Dicks have the temerity to tell Porsche that it's not a Porsche. I don't like this car, called Panamera, any more than they do but to them I say "Whatever." You can file this under "Not as good as it was, but better than it will be."


M.Lane said...

I'm no purist. It looks really cool to me. I had not heard of it before, thanks for giving me another thing to daydream about!


Brian said...

Having recently resigned as a sales manager of a Porsche dealership i can tell you this car was needed for the survival of the brand, and the car is awsome!