Monday, June 15, 2009


Good Lord I love Brit comedy!

Dry humor. Irreverent. Unapologetic. Mildly (or grossly) slapstick. Hardly lowbrow. Clearly alcohol fueled. You can apply those descriptors to any of my favourite Brit shows: Monty Python. Fawlty Towers. The Young Ones. Blackadder. Now add Top Gear to that list, even though it's an automotive show rather than a comedy. Led by alpha male Jeremy Clarkson, who is flanked by his two sidekicks Richard Hammond, playing the part of the twee naif, and James May, playing the proper knob, the show is from beginning to end great entertainment.


M.Lane said...

I almost fell over laughing at this! You are on a roll with this and the Most Interesting Man!!!


Turling said...

Best show on television. New season starts shortly and I can't wait.