Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trifecta at the Selvedge Yard

This is a just a quick blurb, free of wit or irony (as if this blog is usually filled with both). Just straight reportage. Head over to the Selvedge Yard (see my list of Blogs I'll Cocktail With). He's knocking 'em out of the park lately (to mix metaphors) with the vintage racing posts. Three in a row, to be accurate, the first about the battle between Carroll Shelby and Enzo Ferrari (incredible video that I wish were available in US DVD format), the second about McQueen coming in 2nd to Andretti at Sebring, and the most recent about drivers in apres-race repose.


M.Lane said...

This is TOO good. Makes me want to go out and buy that Triumph Spitfire in B.R. Green that I lusted after even before he Trans Am.


Ben said...

Do it. You know you want it. Spitfires are beautiful machines.