Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just to Show I'm Not Just About Anarchy and Argyle Skateboards

You don't need Punk Rock to take you back to '77. Here's one of the greats from the era. Boz Scaggs doing Lido Shuffle. I'd love to say it teleports me to my pre-high school days when my cousin Teresa taught her brother and me to unhook a girl's bra, by placing hers on the back of a chair. But that was Cheap Trick's Live at Budokan. Really, I mostly ignored Boz until I found this album in my wife's collection when we started dating during the heady days of the Afghanistan invasion (by the Americans, not the Soviets).

Of note is the late, great Jeff Porcaro on drums who's got the tempo up above the cut on the record (I love referring to pre-digital music as being on "records").


M.Lane said...

Two great posts here! I never noticed the composition of the audio tracks in Raising Arizone until you mentioned may have to do with some other diversion occurring when I saw it.

SO true about Hendrix.

AND re your prior CT post, Porcaro was just the best in rock in my opinion. I still call EVERYTHING records or albums. I just can't help it.


Ben said...

I posted these two as distractions while I prepped for a manslaughter jury trial that I just finished. Hoping for a not guilty verdict now. Trying to live an Epic life at work, as well.

These diversions were much needed. Thanks as always for your valued comments.