Tuesday, December 2, 2008

OnceWereBachelors Garage

I stumbled onto a site about custom garage makeovers called Garage Journal . It's pretty incredible. I'm hardly a gearhead, and although I've done some work on the Mid-Life Crisis, as well as on vintage Mustangs my father and I used to own, I've never spent much time in a garage (other than to set up some drums, a PA, and some guitar amps, but that's another story). After seeing some of the amazing garages some people have, a whole new world of possibilities opens up. Maybe I don't need a huge bank of Snap On tool chests or a hydraulic lift, but it sure would be nice to improve my garage. Maybe move all my guns and guitars from the closets inside to the walls out in the garage, change the lighting and ventilation. Put down a nice floor. Leave the Steve Steigman Blown Away poster right where it is. It could go from this:
To this:

I am inspired. Wasn't there a post about Bachelor Pads around here somewhere?

nb: The "after" image is of a garage belonging to a guy who posts on Garage Journal and Rennlist and goes by the handle "Sandoval". I don't have his permission to post it, so if he wants me to remove it all he needs to do is notify me and I will immediately oblige.


Anonymous said...

The "after" picture is definitely what you want. The garages featured in the Transporter movies are also quite good.

But, don't move your guns to the garage without an immovable gun safe. Even storage an interior closet is begging for trouble -- burglars, curious children, etc.

M.Lane said...

Man, that guy in the second pic cannot have children. How incredible. Actually, YOURS looks awfully good for having children.

Mine.....total nightmare.