Friday, September 19, 2008

Ferrari: The Great Putdown

Yeah, I like red sports cars, so what?

Here's a clip I just got off of Jalopnik, one of the "non-porn sites that I frequent". It's not quite the legendary guerrilla filmmaking of Rendezvous, which depicts a hood-ornament's view of a Mercedes Benz 6.9 careening through the busying streets of early morning Paris. But that vintage video has passed from cult status into the mainstream (think mallrat: "I looove Rocky Horror Picture Show. No I haven't seen it in a theater but I own it on DVD.") I like this 8mm film, called "The Great Putdown", because it's less premeditated. It portrays two vintage Ferraris -- a California Spyder and GTO coupe, to be precise -- racing irreverently down Mulholland Drive. The narration is pretty good too.

This is from a time before Ferraris were accoutrements for the super-rich, when anybody who appreciated that kind of fun could realistically aspire to own one. Okay, maybe not anybody, but with a bit of focus and luck, you're in rosso corso, baby. From our modern perspective, it's hard to comprehend these two fine automobiles being treated this way when forty years later they would be multi-million dollar collectors items, but here it is for all to see.

For the record, though, I could do without the Steppenwolf. Blech.

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tintin said...

Love the film. Back in the mid 90s I met a retired United pilot whose wife worked with mine. We got to talking and he told me about the Ferrari he bought just after leaving the Navy and just before starting at United.

He loved the car but said, "Owning a Ferrari is like being married to the most beautiful woman in the world...who screws around on you all the time."