Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OnceWereBachelors Careers: High Stakes Thief

Meet Neil McCauley. No wife. No kids. No Mortgage. So what makes him a OnceABachelor? Well he's got a nice shiny unfurnished home overlooking the bioluminescence of the City of Los Angeles. He's got the "crew", ready to rock and roll, who will do anything for him and vice versa. And he's forgotten more ways to rip off people than many of us will ever know. He knows how to deal from the bottom of the deck, to enter a building through a roof, drill or burn open a safe, and get in and out, on the prowl or strong.

He's got no time for nonsense. He's married to his job and his job is High Stakes Thief. He's ready to do what it takes to take down scores but he's also ready to walk out on everything in 30 seconds flat if he spots the heat around the corner. That's the discipline. But look what happens when he lets a doe-eyed graphic designer with a needy gene into his life.

Yeah, we're talking about the Michael Mann movie Heat, with Robert De Niro playing McCauley. I'm tempted to fail to mention Al Pacino's Vincent Hanna, because I haven't been a Pacino fan since his last good performance in Godfather Part II, but I digress. Watch Heat if you feel you need to be reminded of what it takes to be a man on a mission.

Incidentally, I know that the first embeded hyperlink is to Terry Gilliam's Brazil, with Robert DeNiro portraying Harry Tuttle, not Neil McCauley. But the idea is the same: go anywhere, travel light, get in and out, a man alone, wherever there's trouble

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