Monday, July 28, 2008

We're Going to Rain Unholy Death On You

I had alot of time to spend with my four year old this past weekend, as my wife had other commitments. Besides visiting the Pacific Aviation Museum, we steam cleaned the rugs in the Porsche (we're going to be installing re-upholstered seats soon), watched Batman cartoons, climbed trees, and we "fought the witches". Fighting witches is a game of our own invention wherein we arm ourselves to the teeth with guns, knives, and poison, and BRING IT to a brood of imaginary witches that live in his mom's dresser. It begins with taunting: "Ooooh Witches! We're going to rain unholy death on you!" and it ends with orchestrated ordnance from "air support", to whom my son delivers precise fire control instructions. It's a hoot.

Which only remotely reminds me of the original OnceWereBachelor television show which played from 1969 to 1972, The Courtship of Eddie's Father. Now I'm no dyed in the wool fan of this feel good "dramedy", but it occupies a small space in my memory. It's about a six year old son trying to find his widowed dad a new mate while living in Southern California and being cared for by his Japanese nanny, Mrs. Livingston. It's all there. The mid-century modern furniture, the cocktails, go go dancing and go karts, and meditative walks on the beach.

Maybe writers like the device of writing out one parent so the relationship with the other parent can be brought into sharp relief. I certainly learn that each weekend that my wife works or has a function to attend, because when it's the three of us, I'm often chopped liver to my boy.

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